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Keylogger Software Advance Keylogger Software MAC Log Manager

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Keylogger Software

Keylogger Software is a powerful PC monitoring tool used to capture anything typed from the keyboard of your computer system. The powerful Key logger program helps in finding what your employees or children’s are typing on the PC when you are away. Software secretly records all typed keystrokes including text, sent emails, typed web URL`s, chat conversations and other keyboard activities. Computer surveillance utility provides a secure login password protected feature and thus no one, other than administrator, can login the program.

Stealth Keylogger runs in hidden mode and does not appear in Installation folder, System startup or even on Desktop and even remains invisible in Add-Remove program list. Utility records entire keyboard activities in the log file format and provides facility to mail log details at user specified email id. Professional PC monitoring software has user-friendly GUI interface and no expert guidance needed to operate the program.


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Advance Keylogger Software

Advanced Keylogger Software is superior stealth surveillance for tracking the entire activities happening on your PC or Laptops in your absence. The prominent computer monitoring utility easily records all typed keystrokes, clipboard contents, voice chat conversations and capture windows screenshots at regular time interval. Best PC supervision tool runs in stealth mode and cannot be seen in the Desktop, Programs files menu or even in Add-remove program list.

Professional Keyboard monitoring utility generates encrypted log file of entire system activities and facilitates mailing log files at user specified login ID or upload log file via FTP server settings. Easy to use surveillance utility provides facility to generate report of recorded data in text and html file formats. The advance hidden PC monitoring program is undetectable and helps efficiently in children and employees monitoring.


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Windows OS Compatible

MAC Log Manager

Proficient Mac keylogger is the excellent monitoring software for mac empowers to secretly record every activity happening on your Mac machine. Mac OSX keylogger software traces keystrokes activities, clipboard activities and internet activities performed by the external users on your Mac OS machine. Mac monitoring software is the powerful spyware for Mac that quickly records entire Typed URLs, Chat conversations, Accessed applications, Send email, USB removable media insertion or removable activities, Clipboard entries and other activities performed by the user on Apple Mac Machine.

Mac OS X keylogger software automatically creates report of user activities in HTML file format so that you can easily view the complete log details of activities performed by the user on your Mac machine. Mac spyware takes screenshots with Skype video screenshots at regular time interval so that you can easily find out what other users are doing on your Mac Machine in you absence.

Additional features:-

  • Keylogger Mac OS X is password protected.
  • Easy to use Keylogger Mac OSX software.
  • Specialized keylogger OSX runs in invisible mode.
  • Mac OSX keylogger software prepares user activities report in html file format.
  • No programming skill is needed to use mac keylogger OS X utility.

Download 30 days free trial!

Trial download of Mac freeware keylogger is available free for 30 days which enables users to easily understand Mac OS X keylogger software working. Place order to get full featured software licensed version.


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Mac OS Compatible


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  • Monitors entire keystroke activities.

  • Records emails and voice chat conversations.

  • Trace Web URLs, internet history and searches.

  • Captures screenshots periodically.

  • Records all applications executed on the system.

  • Emails configured on Yahoomail, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

  • Social network websites logins info Orkut, Twitter, Facebook etc.

  • System logins and other windows applications.

  • Online shopping sites and various news group accounts.

  • Completely invisible and runs in hidden mode.

  • Automatically generates activity log report.

  • Password protected utility.

  • Hot key settings to access hidden program.

  • User-friendly graphical interface.



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